Advertising with the CPC Athletics Booster Club is a win-win

The Cedar Park Christian Athletics Booster Club believes in meaningful partnerships that closely connect industry leaders with the strength of our school and athletics program.
We view these relationships as a win-win opportunity for you and for the school, our athletes, our coaches, and our fans. These sponsorships are opportunities for businesses to gain exposure in the community,
for individuals to dedicate a specific facility that holds a special place for them, or even for an organization to assist CPC Bothell in achieving its athletics goals.
If you have a sponsorship idea not offered below, please feel to make a proposal of your own and contact us.
Access to key demographics for direct marketing
Potential new business through access and opportunity
Cedar Park Christian Athletics Booster Club is a 501(c)3 IRS designated Public Charity organization; 45-2411973.  Each sponsorship opportunity is considered a charitable contribution. 
Admission to CPC athletics events

Social media impressions
Rights to utilize the sport organization’s intellectual property in advertising and promotion campaigns advertising supporting-stadium signage and promotional announcements

2023-2024 Sponsorship Packages

Sponsorship benefits are valid for the CPC 2023-2024 athletic season and their availability may be impacted by the date of sponsorship purchase.